Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lalita Sahasranama # 493


1) mahavirasca (= prahladah) indrasca = mahavirendrah tabhyam varam dadati sa

She who granted boons to Mahavira, i.e., Prahlada and Indra

2) The word vira when split vi+ira means (vi) many excited (ira) or intoxicated (ira); together mean, the trained orators gifted with eloquence.

3) Mahavira means a kind of vessel used in the soma sacrifice. By Laksana, the word Mahavira is used to mean those who are continuously drinking the nectar of Brahman and Indra means those who directly realize the Brahman

4) The word Virendra means those who realize the fourth state (turiya) in the other three states.

According to the first interpretation, Mahavira means Prahlada and Indra refers to Sakra, the lord of the lords. According to the DvP(Book IV), Indra and Prahlada praised the Goddess after their fight which lasted for hundred divine years and eventually she granted them boons.

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