Monday, November 1, 2010

Lalita Sahasranama # 399


1) vyakta avyaktam ceti svarupe asyah
She is of the form of the manifested and the unmanifested.
The word vyakta means the category mahat, as it was first manifested and also from its greatness. In avyakata, a means on all sides and vyakta means manifested, i.e.egoism. She is of both the forms, i.e., that of mahat and ahamkara

2) Vyakta is manifested and avyakta is unmanifested, i.e, She is both the subjects and not subject to the modifications of elements. Or Vyakta is sat and avyakta is asat

3) vyakta means perishable and avyakta means imperishable

4) vyaktavykatasvarupini samastivyastirupa va
According this interpretation, vyakta means individual and avyakta means collective forms.

5) Also, the word Vyakta denotes the twenty-three categories and avyakta, the supreme prakriti

6) The name also means she is manifested in those whose deeds are ripened and not manifested in those whose are bound by the noose of maya.

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