Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lalita Sahasranama # 422


1) samyak dhyayanti asyam
The period in which they meditate wholly on Her.

2) The word sandhya means the idea of non-separation of ourselves and that of caitanya which is in the sun.

3) Sandhya, according to Bhrd Smr, means: "She who is differentiated as Brahman, etc., the witness of action, radiant, the Sakti of Isvara is called by the wise Sandhya.

4) According to Madhava, the word sandhya means the deity who is to be worshiped at twilight.

5) Sandhya means mind-born daughter of Brahma

6) According to RnkP, ida, pingala and susumna are called Kali, Laksmi and Ekavira respectively. This the three twilights are identified with three Goddesses and the nadis

7) According to Dhaumya, a one year old girl is called Sandhya.

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