Saturday, December 25, 2010

Lalita Sahasranama # 453


trini (=somasuryagnirupani) nayanani yasyah sa
She who has three eyes.

Her three eyes are the Sun, the moon and the fire. The trinayana is also used for vausat by which gods are to be invoked.

2) trini (pratyaksanumanasabdarupani) nayani (=pramanani yasyah)

The word nayana may secondarily mean, means of knowledge, i.e., pramana. This the trinayana, according to this interpretation would mean the three modes of knowledge - holy word (srti) perception (pratyaksa) and reasoning( anumana)

Or tri means three and naya path, i.e., She leads those who are entitled to the three paths. e these three paths are south, north and the path of Brahman.

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