Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Lalita Sahasranama # 464


1) kalah kantha yasya=kalakanthah tasyeyam kalakanthi
She is the wife of Kalaknatha(Siva)
Kalakantha is the name of Lord Siva his kantha is black with poison. According to DvP, of the sixty-eight sacred places, kalakanjana is the place where Kalakantha is worshiped.

2) kalah (=madhuro dhavanih) eva kalah, kalah kanthe yasyah sa.
According to this interpretation, kala means soft low sound and kantha means voice. Hence, whose voice is soft and sweet.

3) Kalakanthi here also means the deity created by lord Siva along with Kali and Kapardini to kill Darukasura.

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