Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lalita Sahasranama # 535


1) She is the form of Svaha

Svaha is the word uttered when an oblation is offered in the sacrificial fire intended for a deity.

2) su aheti or svam aheti iti
The name also means su + ah= svaha i.e., addressing in a good manner or sva+ah= svaha one's own self

3) susthu ahutayate anaya iti
The formula by which oblation is offered nicely

4) svan (=svakiyan) ajihite (=gacchati) sviyatvena samyak janati iti
She who appears before Her devotees and accepts them as Her own/

5) Svaha is the sakti of fire adn the mother of Karttikeya ( or the wife of Siva in the form of fire).

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