Thursday, June 10, 2010

Lalita Sahasranama # 255


1)dharmasa adharmasca dharmadharmau, tabhyam vivarjita
She who is above the (lit., devoid of) dharma and adharma

The word dharma means an action leading to the desirable fruit, while adharma means the action leading to the undesirable result. The word dharma is derived by the MtsyP from root dhr+ma where dhr means to support and ma means great. Thus the word dharma means the great support.

2) Dharmadharmau bandamoksau tabyam vivarjita

Here the word dharma means bondage and adharma means liberation as explained in the Nityahrdaya.

3) dharmah (=sakti aksarah) ca adharman (=sivaksrah) ca dharma-dharmau, tabhyam vivarjita.
According to this interpretation, the word dharma stands for the letter of Sakti adn adharma for the letter of Siva. Vivarjita =fully increased (here root vraj is taken to mean to increase) . The expression thus means who is increased by the letters representing Sakti and Siva.

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