Friday, June 18, 2010

Lalita Sahasranama # 263

Sarvabhih (=catasrbhih) avasthabhih visesena (=punaravrtyabhavapurvakam) varjitah (=jivah) =sarvavasthavivarjita, tadabhinna sa

She who is not different from the jiva who is devoid of all the four states.

After the four states is the fifth state of jiva which does not have any special name but is called Turyatita. When the soul attains this state, it is called sarvavasthavivarjita because when it enters the fifth state it has naturally transcended the first four states., viz completely and varjita = crossing, i.e., one who does not return. This state puts an end to its rebirth. The Siva - sutras describe the condition of the three states.

She is described so because She is not different from Jivas that have the highest Siva realization individually as well as collectively.

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