Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lalita Sahasranama # 269


1) rudrah rupam yasyah sa
She who ensouls the form of Rudr

In the preceding name the function of Rudra is ascribed to Her. In this name, the very form is ascribed to Her.

2) rujam dravayatiti va rodayati va

She who takes away sorrows or makes creatures weep, as the rain which falls at the time of destruction (i.e., dissolution) of the universe from His (Rudra) solar eye in the form of tears.

3) According to Chandogyapanisad the pranas are the rudras they make creatures weep

4) Ru (=dukham duhkhaheturva), tadravayati iti rudrah sa eva rupam yasyah sa

Ru= pain or cause of pain. He (Rudra) drives away the pain, hence he is called Rudra. She is of the form of Rudra, of the supreme cause

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