Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lalita Sahasranama # 104


She who perfectly disbands the rudragranthi

There are two knots in the anahata-cakra situated in the heart. This is called rudragranthi

IN anusthana the order is reverse. This is because according to the Pancamika Nyaya viz., Arthacca, etc the order of meaning (artha krama) is stronger than the order of repetition.

2) There are four divisions (khandas) in the Srividya mantra, viz., belonging to the fire, to the sun, to the moon and to the candra kala, otherwise called Vagbhava, Kamaraja, Sakti and Turiya respectively. Among these four, there are three knots called hrllekha (i.e., hrims) which are named respectively as Brahma, Visnu, and the rudragranthi. The kundalini breaks these knots and enters into these granthis.

The six cakras described in the above name signify the origin of the universe.

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