Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lalita Sahasranama # 106

Happy Pongal and Sankaranti!


Sudhayah asarand abhivarsayati sa

She who showers a continuous shower of nectar.

From the moon of the pericarp of the thousand-petaled lotus, the ambrosia is continuously flowing and that is called nectar.

On a personal note: Nothing to do with nectar or a continuous shower of it...however, in life, there is this dilemma about continuing studies, to go on and get a PhD or not!

I have been mulling about it for awhile now and haven't found an answer and I was hoping with the advent of harvest season that I would have some guidance and still looking! Please Help!

Maybe she has guided...the nectar could be the need to acquire knowledge and that could me that she says, go on and apply! I will...amma....

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