Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lalita Sahasranama # 113


1) bhavanabhyam (=sabdi arthi bhyam) gamya (= avagamya)
She who can be known by mental efforts (that is, sabdi and arthi)

Bhavana is of two types - sabdi and arthi. The sabdi ( of words) here means the sacred words ( i.e., mantras from the Vedas) which are to be meditated upon according to the will of the guru (acarya) while arthi means that which results in action.

2) The word, bhavana-gamya will be solved as bhavana + gamya as well as bhavana+gamya. According to Bhavanagamaya it means attainable by meditation. Acording to Bhavanagamya it means 'she is unattainable by the path of action (i.e., karma marga) or it may mean of the nature of purification of the mind which is the result of right action.

3)bhavanabhih gamya
There are three types of Bhavana. She is attained by those Bhavanas.

4)There are three states of meditation; sakala, sakala-niskala and niskala. The first, sakala is the meditation from muladhara to ajnacakra. The second, sakala-niskala is from Indu (moon) to unmani and the third, niskala is in the form of meditation of mahabindu.

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