Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lalita Sahasranama # 97


1) Samayah (= daharakasavakose cakram vibhavya tatra pujadikam) tadantah tisthati

She resides in the Samaya

The word samaya is explained as traditional custom of offering worship, etc, to a cakra imagined in the ether of the heart. This worship is counted as the supreme by all the yogis. Hence it is called samaya. This worship is describe in the five books ( 1.e., Tantra -pancaka) of Vasist, Suka, Sanaka, Sananda and sanatkumara. Hence, the term samaya is also frequently used for these five books

2) samam (-samyam) yanti samayah (=sivah), samaya (=siva) tayo ante (-svarupe) tisthati

SHe is every way is similar to Siva. Actually she is equal to Siva. This equality with Siva and Sakti is in five ways: 1) Equality of lotus (adhistana) i.e., both reside in the same cakra (viz., sricakra), 2 equality of functions (anusthana) like creation etc. (i.e., five functions), 3) equality of avasthana, i.e., dance, etc., 4) having the same names, i.e., Siva and Siva etc., and 5) equality of form (rupa) - Bhairava and Bhairavi both have red complexion.

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