Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lalita Sahasranama # 132


1) nirgatah adharah (=adhistanantaram) yasyah sa

Who has no other support

In the real sense She has no other support as She is the support of the whole Universe.

2) adharat niskranta

who has come out from the support ( i.e., base or muladhara). The upasargas are used in the sense of movement (krantyarthe)

3) she is the form of worship called niradhara which is explained in the SuSam. Of the external and internal worship, the internal worship is of two kinds, sadhara and niradhara. Of them, the niradhara worship is without form.

In some of the names that follow the text puts before us the nature of pure intellect, which is the object of the niradhara worship. The nature of the pure worship is described here by assertion, negation, positive definition and elimination of attributes. Then the means of obtaining it (i.e., Pure Intellect) and the real nature of the results thereby produced is described.

There are three types of ignorant souls (pasus). The first is the vijnanakevala, he who sees self in the non-self and therefore has impurity alone; the second is the pralayakala who has the impurity of karma which is imperceivable and which gives him a new body and the last sakala has the impurity of maya which creates the idea of duality. Of these, the second has the impurity of the first and in the third, impurity of the second.

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