Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 44


nakhanam didhitibhih samyak channo namatam jananam tamogunah yasyah sa

The radiance of her nails veils the ignorance (in the form of darkness) of those people who reverently bow down (at her feet)

Reference Matsya Purana and Padma P, Narada interprets the birth (bodily) marks of Parvati to her mother Mena: "a husband is yet to be born for her. O lady! she will be devoid of good bodily marks ( because she is an unconditioned one) and she will always have her hand raised. An her feet will err by her own shadow. What more should be said? Himavan hearing these (bad) marks addresses Narada with sorrow for which Narada says, "when you have an occasion for great joy why should you manifest sorrow? O Great mountain! you are bewildered because you did not understand my speech". After explaining the meaning of "no husband is born yet" etc., he says I will explain what I mean by saying her feet will err by their own shadow. O the best of Mountains, Her feet are like lotuses, shining with bright nails. When the Devas and Asura prostrate before her the various colors of their jeweled crowns will drive away the rays of her nails which entering their hearts will dispel their tamas quality.

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