Monday, November 30, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 61


sudhayah sagaranam madhaye tistathi sa

She resides in the center of the oceans of nectar

The ocean is the one above in the heaven. The sruti declares, "the city is surrounded by nectar."Another one is in the place of bindu in the center of the moon in the pericarp of the thousand- petalled lotus. "In the city called, Aparajita (unconquered)to be attained with devotion by the Saguna Brahman, there are two ocean-like lake of nectar named ara and nyau respectively. Two more anavrittih,sabdat are dealt with in the commentary on the Vedanta-sutra of Vyasa. All these oceans (in all, five) are to be understood here - sudhasindhor madhye (sau.lah 8)

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