Saturday, November 21, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 53


The beneficient

1) Sivasya iyam siva: She is the power of Siva. The word Siva is derived from vas meaning to desire. Hence, she herself is the desire of Siva. The SvAg explains the meaning of Siva thus" "who is a witness to the modifications (of the mind, who exists before the arising of such modification; who is present is present in every modification that is about to rise; who is the cause of the sensation, who is the support of all false and inner matter, who is consciousness itself; who is the beloved of all; who is bliss itself; who is the means of obtaining all; who is connected with all; the omnipresent is called Siva. The self shining pure being who is devoid of the distribution of Jiva, Isa etc is Siva.

2) Sivam Karoti
Because she does good, She is called Siva

3) Sete asmin sarvam
That in which everything rests

4) sivah gunah santi asyam
who possesses excellent qualities

5) Samayati
That which makes everything calm. As Bharta says, " Because he fulfills action (of men) intending their good (Siva) he is known as Siva. O, gods, the Danavas and the Devas are the same to me. I do good (Siva) to all beings. Hence I am known as Siva. Even Sruti says that the one who is the origin of all dwells in every womb, in whom all this is involved.

6) She is identical with Siva. As the LgP says, " As is Siva so is Devi, hence as the notions are the same, Devi is called Siva. In another place in the same book, it is said, "In reality there is no difference between Uma and Sankara; one has assumed 2 forms. There is no doubt about this. In SuSam it is said , "she is Siva, she is supreme Devi, one with Siva and the doer of good".

7) Siva may mean the wife of Vayu. The LgP says, " The great god Isana who pervades the whole universe the supporter of all beings is called Vayu, in his aspect as Wind God. His wife is called Siva. In the Vayu Purana, Vayu is also the fourth body of Isana, his wife is Siva and his son Manojava

8) Sivam Dadati iti
She who bestows salvation

It is said in the DvP, Siva is Salvation and she bestows salvation to Yogins. She works for god (Siva). Hence she is known as Siva

9) Men worship Devi to reach Siva. She is Siva. In the agamas, we read, "As heat is to Fire. light is to Sun and as moonlight is to the moon, so is Siva to Siva

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