Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 54


1) Svasya adhinah vallabho yasya sa
she whose husband is entirely her own.

This name indicates that though the Devi is Iccha and other qualities she is never subject to Lord Kamesvara who possesses the qualities. The KalikaP says," there he resides for ever playing with Parvati, the house of Devi is in the center and Siva is subject to it".

Even the Agama says, "to her, through whom Siva is enabled to bestow happiness and salvation on mankind". The Skp also says, "O sages, Siva became the cause of the Universe, Devi is his Sakti, without her he is powerless". The SauLah says, "when Siva is united with Sakti, he is able to create, otherwise he is unable to move".

Svadhino Vallabho yasya sa

She by whom her husband is subjected

In the seventh book of the DeBhP, the story runs like this : The Asivinis made the husband of Sukanya, the daughter of Sayati, similar to themselves in form and asked her to pick him out. She then prayed to Devi, "O world mother, I am deeply afflicted and approach you for help. Help me in preserving my pativrata dharma. I worship thy feet. Thus praised, Devi Tripurasundari gave her wisdom by means of which Sukanya was able to identify her husband

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