Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 56


Srimat yad nagaram tasya nayika

She is the queen of the beautiful (wealthy) City.

1) Cities are of two types, one of them is in the center peak of the Mount Meru. It is said in the LaStRtn, "I salute the city of Vidya 400 yojanas in circumference constructed by the celestial architect beautified with many walls". The second city is outside and beyond all the worlds in the island of gems (Ratnadvipa) in the middle of the ocean of nectar. The RdYml says, "outside and beyond the countless myriads of world systems, in the center of the ocean of nectar, more than a thousand crores in extent, in the gem island, a hundred crores in area, the lamp of the world, there is the supreme city of Srividya, 3 lakhs of Yojanas in height and adorned with 25 walls representing 25 tattvas.

2) The word Srimannagara also means SriChakra. The VisK says cakra means city, house, hamlet, town and abode. Also the commentator of the Sutra of Gaudapada interprets the word Sripura to mean SriChakra. One should not enter the city without knowing the rsi,"the city of the devas is impregnable"; "the city is surrounded by nectar, etc.". In this and other srutis, City means SriChakra

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