Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lalitha Sahasranama # 59


Mahanti padmani yasyam atavyan tasyam samyak tistati

She dwells easily in the forest which is full of lotuses

The RdYml describing mahapadmatavi says, "surrounded by a forest of lotsuses, three lakhs of yojanas in extent. Another one is (on the meru). The LaStRtn, (slokas 106 to 108), "let us worship the forest of lotsuses which is....... etc."

Again the thousand -petalled lotus that is in the brahmarandhra is also called padmatavi. The SvchTan says, "Above that there is the kula lotus, thousand petal facing downward.....This known as the great lotus garden and above is the Samana. "For there is one form both for the body and for the Universe (Pindanda and Brahmanda)

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