Monday, November 23, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 55


Sumeroh madhya srnge tistathi sa
She dwells on the middle peak of Mt. Sumeru

The word Sumeru also means beautiful mountains. On Meruparvata, there are three peaks ( looking like SivaTrikona) and in the center of the three peaks there is one more peak and that is the abode of Sri Lalita. In LaSt Rtn, it is said, "let the gold mountain, whose body is made up of the whole universe be victorious, filled by the music of the divine ladies living in the golden, creeper-bowers of the mountain peak; we salute the three peaks of it, which are the seats of Bramha, Visnu and Siva expanding to the four quarters of the globe. In the center of them there is another peak, 400 yojanas in height, beautifying the place by the golden rays of flowers and I worship it".

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