Friday, November 20, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 52


sivascasau kamescasau isvarasca iti sivakamesvarah tasya anke tistati sa

She sits on the left thigh of Lord Sivakamesvara

The word kama can be interpreted in many ways

1) It means that which is desired or he who assumes any form at will. That is why this epithet is also applied to Manamatha (Kama). The KalikaP says, "In the world there is none like who, like you, is capable of assuming any form, hence O mind, born one (manmatha),you shall be known by the name Kama

2) Prajnanameva Kamah: Kama also means knowledge. Even sruti says, "what is called heart and the mind, are perceptions, command, understanding and knowledge, wisdom, seeing holding, thinking, considering, readiness, remembering, conceiving, willing,breathing, loving desiring, know, all these are various names of knowledge. Here in this sruti, Prajnana means Siva only. The SkandaP also supports this sruti.

3) The word Kama denotes the lord who desires to create the universe as Sruti says, "in the very beginning there was atman only and he desired." Hence the word Kama here, does not mean Rudra or Manmatha

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