Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 25


1) suddayah vidyah ankuranaminvakarah yasys, tena dvijapanktidvayena ujjvala

She who is shining with her two rows of teeth in the form of sprouts of Suddhavidya

According to this interpretation - Suddhavidya means Srividya . The word Suddha means pure (i.e., opposite of ignorance)Vidya means Sodasi Vidya. Her teeth resemble Sodasaksaramantra.

This Mantra sprang from the Muladara of the Goddess and passing through the various stages of Para, Pasyanati etc. emerging from her mouth in the form of Vaikhari and reached the ears of her pupils. Among these states, Para is mere sound the potentiality of growth in the seed, Pasyanti is the seed that has begun to sprout, Madhyama is when two small leaves are visible. The last stage is Vaikhari, is when these two leaves are separated but at the same time are joined at the root.Hence, here they are called ankuras resembling teeth. They are 32 in number. Similarly 16, two fold buds of the sodasaksari mantra also are of 32 each.

2) Suddha vidyankurakara ca dvijanam brahmanam pankitih taddvayena ujjvala
The word Dvija in name, by Slesa means Bramhanas as Sruti declares Vidya ha vai brahmanam ajagama, etc. i.e Vidya taught and spread by Bramhanas. Hence the Bramhanas are buds of Vidya. Moreover, as the Bramhanas come forth from the mouth of the goddess they are compared to her teeth.

3) suddhavidyayah ankurakara ya dvijapanktih, tasyah dvayena ujjavala

The word dvijapankti stands for 32 types of initiation beginning with Suddha vidya and ending with anuttara. The initiation is the third birth since the thread ceremony is the second birth.

4) Suddhavidya eva ankuram yasya sa - Suddhavidyankura sa ca akara ca sa dvija panktisca iti, tasyah dvayena ujjvala

The word Suddhavidya means the three -syllabled mantra and ankura means beginning, i.e., a certain initiation of that name is to be begun before going on to the thirty two initiations. Hence, to attain goddess Lalita one should purify himself with the 32 initiations.

Seems like one can break compounded words and come with many explanations. She has a radiant face with a radiant smile! I am learning about the LSN in a great be able to look at a name everyday and try and assimilate its meaning...

Well..looks like life is looking up.....I was praying by the 25th name life should happen in some way shape or has! I am still looking to put the final pieces of the puzzle..before I embark on a journey as a teacher....

In her I trust completely, implicitly and explicitly...she never has let me down....someone asked me are single..don't you think you need someone to be there for you as you grow older? She has NEVER let me down and I believe that she will at all costs be there in some way..maybe in the form of someone or just her presence that I can sense as a mind so peaceful and at rest...

In Lalita!

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