Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 63


Kaman dadati iti

She is the fulfiller of dreams

2) Kamesvaram (bhaktebhya) dadati
The word Kama also means Kamesvara and dayini means vitarini (bestower). So she one who bestows Kamesvara on her devotees, i.e., she bestows identity with Siva

3) Kamam Dyati (=khandayati) iti kamdah tena ayini
The word Kamada in the name means one who destroys (do=to cut) kama, i.e., Siva and ayini means 'endowed with '. Thus the name means one who is endowed with good fortune (on account) of siva. Hence she is called Kamadayini
4) kamesvarena dayavati
Here the word Kama = Siva and daya inheritance, i.e., She whose inheritance is Siva taht ownership is hers, inseparably fixed from a long tome.

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