Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 71


jvalamalinikaksiptasya vahni prakarasya madhyam gacchati sa

She resides in the middle of the fortress of fire constructed by Jvalamalini

Jvalamalini is the Nitya deity of the 14th day of the Lunar month. In the BrahmndaP, the devi asks Jvalamalini to construct a fortress of fire.

Jvalanam malikanam akspitanam vahniprakaranam madhyaga

She is in the midst of the blaze of fire which destroys the darkness of ignorance.

Here the word Jvala=fire, Mala= garland, aksiptah = produced, vahniprakara = sparks of fire, madhyaga = who is seated in the midst. Though the Jnani is subject to the cycles of creation, preservation and destruction there is no break in experience of unity with self. This seeming inconsistency is explained by this name.

As a Seer, She is in the midst of a blaze of fire,which destroys the darkness of ignorance. She, also as a creator, is in the midst of sparks (vahniprakara) which are thrown forth. She is like one who is standing between two combatants. Yet, she herself is unaffected. Though by the actions of creations etc., modifications arise, yet she remains unchanged. The same thing is described in the Spandasastra. (karika 14) which in short means that though by action manifested as the universe in the form of sparks, flame etc., perishes, the wiseman who is the fire of consciousness, who is the brightness of the five and who is brightness itself never perishes

3) jvalamalinikasu (=saktitrikoneshu) kspitanam vahini prakaranam (= sivatrikonanam) madhye tishthi

Jvalamalinika means the five angles of sakti (saktitrikonas) and the word vahniprakara= the four angles of Siva. So, the name according to this interpretation means residing at the center in the form of bindu in the midst of the five sakti angles and the four Siva angles, equally partaking of the essence. The Yohr says, "when Devi had created the five energies and (Siva) the four fires, the cakra, i.e., Sricakra came into existence by their union.

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