Friday, December 18, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 79


bhandena asurendrana nirmuktanam sastranam pratikulanyastrani varsati iti tatha

She who showers missiles to counteract the weapons thrown by Bhanda, the king of demons.

The difference between sastra and astra is described in the Dhanurveda. Sastra is that which one strikes his enemies and it is always held in the hand while astra is that which is discharged by the hand like the arrow of a bow.

Names 78 and 79 are explained by Bhaskaraya as follows: Mahaganesa is the mastery over the city of eight things (i.e., the body). It means the realization of self. The magic figure (vighnayantra) of Visukra and the missiles of Bhandasura refer to the different modifications of neiscence (avidya) and goddess showering missiles means the continuance of the act of realizing the supreme reality.

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