Thursday, December 24, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 85


Srimat (= jnanapradayakatvadimahatmyasilam), vaghbhavanamakam kutam evaikam (=mukhyam) svam rupam yasya tadrsam mukhapankajam yasyah sa

Her lotus face corresponds to the great ( lit., glorious) vagbhava kuta (i.e., group)

Up to name Haranetragdhisandhagdhakamasanjivanaushadhih (name# 84), the supreme form of the goddess has been described by the deeds of Her Physical Form such as slaying of Bhandasura. Now Her subtle form which is inseparable from her physical form is described.

The subtle form is threefold viz., subtle, subtler and Subtlest, among which the first (i.e., subtle) represents the fifteen-syllabled mantra Pancadasi, the second Kamakala and the third Kundalini. Among these three form, the first is described under three names (name #s 85,86, and 87)

The word Srimat means divine or great having powers such as that of showering wisdom. Vaghbhava means that by which one can attain the power of speech, or by which the speech is produced. Vaghbhavakuta is the group of five letters in Tantrasastra.

The face is made up of Vaghbhavkuta, because it is the source from which the speech containing letters representing eyes, lips and the upper part of the throat is produced.

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