Saturday, December 5, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 66


1) Sampatkarya samyag arudhanam sindhuranam vrajena sevita

Attended by herds of elephants conducted by Sampatkari

Sampatkari is a name of a certain Deity. This goddess is described in the Lalitopakyanam as the mistress of the elephants belonging to the Goddess.

Sindhura means elephants. There are many kinds of elephants - Bhadra Mandra, Mrga etc.

2) Sampatkaryam samarudhaih sindhuravraijaih sevita

Here Sampatkari means, "fullness of a joyous state of mind". So in that state (i.e., Joyous state of mind). She is attended upon by herds of elephants, i.e., aggregates of objects such as sound, etc. As the Kadimata says, the objects of the same are elephants.

The ability of judging distinctly the relations between objects or the triad (the knower, the knowing and the thing known) appeared in single knowledge is known as Sukhasampatkari

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