Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 90


1) Kulasyamrte ekataya (mukhyataya) rasika

She has the special taste of the nectar of the Family.

After the description of the form of the Goddess in brahmanda (i.e., the Universe) the subtlest form, viz., Kundalini in the body is described.

The word Kuta means, as the Cidgaganacandrika says, the triad of the known, the knowing and the knowledge. There are thirty two lotuses in the body, some facing upwards and some facing downwards. Among these, the lowest one is called akula which has no connection with the above said 'triad' and the other lotuses which are above are called Kulas.

2) Kuh (= prthvitattvam) liyateyatratatkulam
Herem hu=earth and la= absorption i.e., Muladhara cakra, as in it the earth (prthvi tattva) is absorbed. The channel (or the way) of Sususmna is called kula as it is connected with the Muladhara. The nectar flowing from sahasrara is called kulamrta. Kulamrta is also so-called because it is connected with the body. So the Goddess mainly delights in tasting kulamrta

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