Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 84


She who is a life-giving medicine to Kama (God of Love, viz., cupid) who was totally burnt by the fire from the eye of Lord Siva

The word Haranetra= third eye of Siva, sanjivani=life giving medicine. This story occurs in the BrmdP. The story narrates how Devi who had enchanted even Her husband (Siva) though he had renounced (the world) at the behest of Brahma, etc., restored Manmatha to life. This agress with the Nyaya that "children rebuked by the father are consoled by the mother".

2) haraha (atmasvarupapaharah), tasyameta, sa eva a (samantat vyaptah) agnih (mulajnanam) tena samyag dagdhah yah kamah, tasya samyag jivane (svasvarupavaptau) osadhih (mulika)

Who is the remedy in the revival of the soul which was completely burnt by the fire (of ignorance) which is the leader of Hara (concealment of true nature)

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