Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 70

Kiricakra ratharudhadandanathapuraskrta

kirivat cakrani yasya tam rathamrudhaya dandanathaya puraskrta

She is preceded by Dandanatha who rides her chariot carried by boars.

The word kiri means a boar. The wheels of chariot are of the dwarf of boar; or it may mean that the chariot is drawn by boars. Dandanatha is another name for Varahi. She is called Dandanatha because she always carries a staff (danda) in her hands.

2) Kirinam (=kirananam) cakrameva rathah tasyarohepi dandanthena (=yamena) puraskrta

Kiri means beam of light (rays) of creation, etc. Cakra means cycle (aggregate) of creation, preservation and destruction. The yogi mounts the chariot Kiricakra, i.e., the Cycle of Creation, Preservation and destruction; therefore he is beyond the scope (apuraskrta) or reach or touch Dandanatha (yama) Hence he is not subject to death or destruction.

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