Monday, December 21, 2009

Lalita Sahasranama # 82


Kamesvarasya yadastram tena nirdhagdham bhandasurena sahitam sunyakam (= sunyakakhyam nagaram) yaya sa

She by whom the (city of Bhanda) Sunyaka with Bhandasura was burnt by the fire of Kamesvarastra

The weapon mentioned in this name, Kamesvarastra is more powerful than the astra called mahapasupata.

The whole story as to how the Goddess burnt up the city of Sunyaka is related in the BrmdP

Up to this name, her equality with Siva who has attained the final stage (sayuja) of the emancipation of the divine Self, is shown. Now it is shown that Siva alone remains (i.e., he becomes Siva himself) after the destruction by the knowledge of the Self of the condition brought about by the prarabdha (the karma which began its operation in present body) with the subtle body, etc., which is then like a burnt cloth, a mere appearance of duality.

The fire of Kamesvara (i.e., kamesvarastra nirdagdha) = the fire of consciousness, because he is the universal object of desire. Bhandasura the state of jiva (individuality)= the cause of the appearance of duality. Sunyaka (emptiness)= the cause of the appearance of duality as seen in a burnt cloth. Or it applies to the emptiness or unreality of the Aesthetic School of Duality.

When that state of samsara (i.e., jiva-bhava) which appears to the devotee as void, is removed, he himself remains as consciousness alone

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